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Smart Week

Last Thursday, April 4th, was our SMART week Research Day and our Secondary students enjoyed carrying out activities such as:

- Easter Egg Hunt by 1st year Seconday:

The students of Primary Education had to resolve questions or problems (research questions) from a aide array of subjects (Geography and History, Economics, Mathematics, English and Spanish). Teamwork and organisation were essential to successfully overcoming all of the challenges encountered.

- Wax Museum by 2nd year Secondary:

The students of primary dressed up as well-known historical figures and the students of 2nd year Secondary had to guess who they were using a series of clues provided by the younger students.


Smart Week - S for Science

On  Monday students of different ages participated in a series of activities relating to the different fields of science.

Volunteer students from 3rd year of Secondary Education acted as guides to groups of students of 5th and 6th years of Primary Education to carry out colourful and entertaining experiments such as “elephant toothpaste”. Other groups learned the basic principles of electricity by making shapes with special plasteline, led lights and batteries which resulted in a giant snake that lit up when the batteries were connected.

The students of 1st year of Secondary did a bacterial culture to discover, over the course of the week, whether washing our hands significantly reduces bacteria on our hands. Who will dare to go to lunch without washing their hands after they discover the results?

Excursión al Zoo de Castellar- 3 años

El pasado miércoles, los alumnos de 3 años, tuvieron la oportunidad de visitar el zoo de Castellar. Ha sido una experiencia increíble, ya que ha sido nuestra primera excursión. Lo hemos pasado fenomenal viendo muchos de los animales que hemos trabajado en el proyecto, como monos, leopardos, loros, mariposas, serpientes, cocodrilos...

Visit the Zoo at Castellar 5 year-old

During the last weeks we have been working on one of the books of Dr. Seuss; “Mr. Brown can moo, can you?” in which we practiced all the animal sounds and some other onomatopoeias; perfect to introduce some of the animals we were going to see at the zoo.
We also did a quick review of other concepts we have learned in previous projects such as maps, continents, respectful rules and how to take care of animals.

Visit to Planeta Explora

Last week our 4 year old students visited Planeta Explora at Tívoli, where they learned many new and interesting things by carrying out scientific experiments. They also went over all they had learned about space by doing an activity on the solar system.

A la Sweet Pizza !

As part of their project concluding the study unit on fractions, the students of 4th year of Primary B carried out an activity called “A la Sweet Pizza”, in which they were able to identify the usefulness of mathematics outside of the classroom.

Here you have some photos from the day and a quote from our student Sasha: “Teacher, mathematics make us hungry!”

Bon Appetit!


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