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Graffiti workshop

On October 29th and November 8th the Art students of 1st and 2nd years of Baccalaureate were extremely lucky to be able to do a graffiti workshop with Juan and Rego. The students learned the importance of planning, sketches and the use of colour theory, as well as the types of spray nozzles and pressures. The best part of the workshop came next, when the students got to paint their own graffiti!


Visit to Airbus- Seville 3rd year of Secondary

Last Thursday, November 22nd, the students of 3rd year of Secondary Education visited the installations of the aviation company AIRBUS in Seville.

During this interesting visit, our students were able to get a first-hand view of different stages of complex technological procedures such as the final assembly of an aircraft. More specifically, they saw the AIRBUS A400M and AIRBUS C295 aircraft models.


Dinosaurs Workshop

The students of 5th year of Preschool Education enjoyed a fun-filled workshop with their families today. As they have learned so much about dinosaurs over that last few weeks, they used a wide variety of different materials to recreate dinosaur heads, feet, tails and bodies. All together they let their imaginations run wild and made true works of art.

Trip to Córdoba with the students of 2nd year of Secondary Education

On November 9th, 2018, the students of 2nd year of Secondary Education visited the city of Cordoba. The excursion to this beautiful city, with one of the most noteworthy medieval old towns in Europe, was a magnificent way to conclude our history lessons on Islamic and Muslim Spain. The Mosque/Cathedral very much impressed all of the students, who had just studied the historical figures that were decisive in the long building process of the Mosque of Cordoba, which was subsequently converted to a Cathedral.

Excursion to the Cocodrile Park

In relation to their dinosaur project, our 4 year-old students went on an excursion to see some crocodiles, which are the closest living creatures to the dinosaur.

They enjoyed a wonderful morning in the Crocodile Park, where they saw many different types of crocodiles. They were even lucky enough to be able to hold a baby crocodile, see their eggs and even a pregnant mommy crocodile.


International Baccalaureate Breakfast

Yesterday we held our first-term breakfast for the parents of Secondary Education. Iraia Manterola, Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate programme, and Beth Lahoski, Coordinator of the PAL (Linguistic Adaptation Programme), explained the International Baccalaureate programme to the parents in attendance. The IB programme will be available to our students that finish their Secondary Education as of the next school year.

With the implementation of the IB programme at our school, Colegio Atalaya completes its educational offer to provide our students with a wide array of educational options and university access pathways.
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Breakfast meetings

This week we held our first-term breakfasts for the parents. With these informal get-togethers we have two objectives: firstly, to generate a space in which parents may meet other parents and thus strengthen the relationships among the members of our educational community, and secondly, to bring our educational project closer to the families so as to raise awareness of the most relevant aspects of their children’s school lives.

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